Why Every Aspiring Musician Should Learn Piano

For any aspiring musician, choosing which instrument or style to specialize in is important, as it will define the rest of his or her career. Making the decision can be done on either an impulse or after careful thinking.

For potential musicians still thinking about their choices, there are several reasons why the piano can be a great starting point for making music.

1. Its complex melodies come from one person.

The piano has a unique quality compared to other musical instruments; more than one note can be played at a time. This allows a single player to create very complicated melodies while being alone and without needing other instruments to lend support. Of course, this also does not stop the piano player from being part of an ensemble as well.

One player demonstrates the complex music that comes from mastery of the instrument.

2. Piano builds up the body’s dexterity.

The piano is an instrument that, if constantly played, helps the body become stronger. An aspiring musician who chooses the piano will discover that her fingers have become more flexible and his hands much stronger. This allows the musician to continue on a long career over time, provided that he or she maintains the proper form and posture for playing the piano.

The following video demonstrates the potential for improving one’s dexterity.

3. Piano players become better multitaskers.

Playing the piano can develop multiple skills, which includes paying attention to both sides (left and right) as well as hand-eye coordination. In piano, both the left and right hands are often used, especially in unison with each other, which means that the player must be able to pay equal attention to both sides. Hand-eye coordination also becomes key when it comes to playing the piano while looking at sheet music, which will be done often in practice.

The accompanying video shows how to develop a balance between the left and right hand through practice.

The piano is a potential starting point for musicians because it is well suited for solo practice while allowing a musician to develop skills over time. These skills continue to be useful throughout a long career, making the piano a viable career. There is a reason why many piano players can be named over a long period of history.

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