Why BetterFounder.com Online Magazine for Tech Founders and Execs Went Viral

It’s hard for online magazines to scale quickly or go viral.

This is why www.betterfounder.com is a unique case.

Here are 3 reasons why it became huge.

1. Articles are short and to the point

Many magazines put in a bunch of fluff and unnecessarily stretch articles. This is not the case with Better Founder. This magazine provides short yet to the point content. You can easily read each article and understand everything in under 2 minutes.

2. Hyper targeted audience

It’s all about targeting. The more niche the audience, the faster you will grow. For example Better Founder magazine is only targeting B2B Saas founders and execs who are scaling their tech businesses. Further, it’s focused on $1M+ ARR companies. This way if you are trying to scale from $1M to $100M ARR then this is the right magazine for you.

3. Effective marketing

No matter how good your product is … if nobody knows about it, you will not succeed. Better Founder was getting reviewed and talked about by many YouTubers and bloggers. Further, the articles are specifically optimized for sharing. This way after you read, you can easily share the content on social.

In summary: betterfounder.com is a great magazine for B2B SaaS founders and execs who are scaling their businesses. You should definitely check it out.

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