Where to Find Real-Life Performance Experience

For any aspiring musician out there, the most important experience is the actual performance, especially in front of an audience. Naturally, people vary as to how ready they feel in performing in front of others. Some feel perfectly at home playing for the crowd while others need quite a bit of time and practice until they are ready.

Still, if a musician wants to be ready for the big time, they need to find a place to get that experience.

1. Church bands really rock.

For any musician who happens to be religious, or simply belongs to a churchgoing family, signing up for the church band can be a great help for one’s future career. It is easy to sign up for in the first place, especially if the church is advertising for band members.

The practice regimen required for the Sunday performances is similar to what a musician would expect in a music career. Plus, a variety of instruments means they accept all kinds of musicians.

2. Recital performances can get you ready.

Arranging a recital can be easy for any musician. Teachers create recitals all the time for their students, whether it is simply for their students and their families or for larger crowds at official venues.

You can even hold a recital of your own and invite friends and family. It is a good first step for musicians wanting to get ready for their future in the field.

3. Start from private projects and work your way up.

As the Internet and social media become more prevalent in society, potential projects for musicians become far more varied. YouTube is a popular choice for showing your talents, as musicians like Justin Bieber were discovered there.

Creating one’s own project, like video games for example, is another choice, as Toby Fox created his own video game, Undertale, which became known for, among other things, its incredible soundtrack. It all depends on one’s creativity.

Becoming a musician is a risky choice, given the chances of success and recognition are low. However, gaining real-life experience is definitely the way to go, not only because it can pad up your resume or get you discovered, but because it is a fun way to get ready.

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Kevin Kwon is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley, currently 23 years old. He works in San Francisco and hopes to continue in the graduate studies regarding the field of psychology.

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