When You Should Hire A Video Editor

Plenty of vloggers, from the biggest names on YouTube to those just starting out, hire video editors. However, creators often wait until they’re extremely overwhelmed with their workloads to start looking for help. To keep you at the top of your game, you should hire an editor before it’s too late.

Keep reading for the signs you should hire a video editor.

You want to include special effects that are above your skill level.

Maybe you’ve got simple cuts and title cards down, but you want to make your videos look more professional. Perhaps you want to include animations, graphics, and an overall cinematic style. Instead of struggling to figure it out for yourself, you can hire a professional video editor, who already comes equipped with the required tools and expertise.

The Try Guys have several video editors who create original graphics and animations for their videos. For example, in their Try DIY series, the editors illustrated Ned and Ariel’s plans to makeover their friends’ rooms.

You want to upload videos more frequently.

When it comes to making videos, editing can be the longest part of the process. While you may plan for a few days then film in less than an hour, you could be editing for the rest of the week.You may want to upload more frequently, but you may just not have the time. Consider hiring a video editor so that you can focus on filming more content.

For example, Markiplier uploads new gaming videos daily. In every video description, he credits his video editor Lixian and links to his channel.

You want to create more ambitious projects.

Creating YouTube videos may have sparked a passion for filmmaking within you. Perhaps you want to create a short film, a music video, or a documentary. In order to take on an ambitious project like that, you may want to enlist some help.

For example, Shane Dawson went years filming and editing his videos on his own. However, when he was inspired to start creating his wildly popular documentaries, he enlisted the help of cameraman and co-editor Andrew Siwicki.

Hiring a video editor can empower you to create bigger and better content. Consider taking this next step in your career when the time is right for you.

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