What You Can Learn From YouTube’s 2020 Trends Report

YouTube released a Digital Culture & Trends Report at the end of 2020. Google, the platform’s parent company, also shared a trends report of its own. Each report has key takeaways for creators who want to grow their channels in 2020.

Here’s what you can learn from YouTube’s 2020 trends reports.

Older demographics are hungry for content.

In 2020, YouTube saw a notable uptick in the number of new creators from the baby boomer generation. This demographic, which consists those born between 1946-1964, hasn’t had much of a presence on the platform until recently. Boomer creators have been joining from places such as South Korea, Mexico, and Germany.

The platform has also experienced a growth in the boomer demographic’s viewership. As many people were required to stay home due to government lockdowns, technology became an important way for older adults to connect to and learn from others. Google reported that beauty tutorials are increasingly popular with this demographic.

The number of creators is expanding rapidly.

YouTube reported that the number of channels trying to grow an audience increased by 95% in 2020. However, the data also shows that there’s room for virtually everyone to succeed. The platform reported that over half of viewers are willing to watch content made by creators of any age.

The year also gave rise to several new content niches. In Latin America, creators with Indigenous ancestry began sharing their culture through rap. On the other side of the world, a lot of virtual YouTubers, or VTubers, began to spring up in Japan. On average, these animated avatars brought in more than 1.5 billion monthly views.

Your audience wants to connect with you in real time.

In 2020, many people had to turn to the internet to find connection with others. For example, YouTube Live replaced a lot of live events, and 56% of the people YouTube surveyed said that watching live streams can be “just as good” as attending an event in person. A lot of concerts, conventions, and conferences took place through live streams.

YouTube Premieres also offered viewers a meaningful “co-watching” experience. By bringing viewers together with a live chat on the Premiere page, this feature makes fanbases stronger. For example, K-pop bands BTS and Blackpink dominated the platform’s 24-hour music video debuts because each fanbase worked together.

Gaming is a great niche to grow in.

YouTube reported that 73 percent of the people it surveyed had watched a gaming video in 2020. Creators such as Corpse Husband and Dream experienced massive audience growth by live streaming and uploading other gameplay videos.

According to YouTube’s data, the most games that brought in the most views were Minecraft, Roblox, Garena Free Fire, Grand Theft Auto V, and Fortnite. However, if you don’t consider yourself a serious gamer, you can still cash into the gaming trend by playing easier to learn games with strong communities around them, such as Among Us or the Sims 4.

Overall, 2020 showed that YouTube is all about connection and community. Your success depends on the relationship you build with your audience and the authenticity you bring to the table.

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