What Video Creators Can Learn From Minimalism

Videos are one of the most complex forms of media out there, but in the end your message needs to be clear and easy to understand. This is where the philosophy of minimalism comes into play. You see minimalism in graphic design, posters, and film. The main idea is that less is more.

Here are a few ways any video creator can use minimalism to his or her advantage.

1. Focus on your product.

When reviewing products such as phones, makeup, books, or TV shows, remember that your audience is there to learn about that product and nothing else. A great way to catch the attention of viewers is to start the review the second the video begins.

This means you shouldn’t have a 90-second intro talking about your weekend and your future video plans. Cut the fat from your content, and remember what you are there for. Your audience will thank you.

Here is a great example of a promotional video about an app to unlock your computer that completely focuses on the product.

2. Show, don’t tell.

With regard to the video above, you can see how simple and clear the message is: this app lets you knock to unlock your computer. Most importantly, the video shows you how that works, it doesn’t tell you.

In product reviews, a lot of the time showing the product in a simple way is much more influential than giving your own experiences. Don’t tell viewers how when you are far from your computer, this app is super handy, just show them. The audience is smart enough to figure it out. This isn’t to say don’t give personal anecdotes, but those should come second.

Here is another great example of a minimalist ad from Apple that focuses on the message.

3. Simplicity is memorable and distinct.

Below is an Apple ad for one of their Air model MacBooks. Though this ad looks reletively recent, it actually came out eight years ago.

The reason it still is so relevant and could be put on TV today is due to its minimal design. The video is short, shows viewers one thing (how thin the Air is), and is distinctly Apple.

4. Simple is cheap and accessible.

One of the best reasons to go minimal with your videos is simply cost. Designs for your pages can simply be made on free graphic design programs like Paint. Backdrops for your videos can be a plain white wall.

When reviewing a product, you don’t have to be filming in Times Square; just do it on a cheap, normal table. When the product is your focus, everything else can be much simpler and easier to handle.

These are a few ways video producers can learn from minimalism. Above all else, value simplicity and clarity. This isn’t about sacrificing content or leaving things out; it is about directing your attention on one thing so it is fully appreciated. So remember: less is more.

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Sean Harris is a writer in the midwest US who plans on majoring in computer science or physics at college. He enjoys listening to music, blogging, and reading.

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