What to Do in Your First 90 Days on YouTube

Starting a YouTube channel requires a lot of preparation. Yet, your efforts don’t stop after creation. Long-term success on YouTube is determined by what you do after creating your channel. 

Here are some tips on what to do in your first 90 days on YouTube.

1. Learn the YouTube Algorithm

Learning the YouTube algorithm is crucial to long-term success on the platform. While YouTube hasn’t made public the technical details behind the algorithm, a major goal is viewer satisfaction. This includes survey responses, viewers’ likes and dislikes, and ‘not interested clicks.’ The YouTube Algorithm also works differently depending on the page. For example, the algorithm for suggested videos relies on watch history and related videos. Meanwhile, the search algorithm focuses on keywords and engagement metrics. 

Once you understand how the YouTube algorithm works, you can better implement it to help your videos rank. This means optimizing the metadata of your video, which includes researching and adding keywords to your video’s title, description, and tags. Also, analyze your YouTube analytics. Notably, take the time to study your watch hours, top videos, and audience retention. Observing these specific engagement metrics gives great insight into which of your videos are performing well and which might need work.

2. Create a Custom YouTube URL

Having a custom URL is a great investment for a new channel. It’s an easy-to-remember channel URL that you can share on other social media sites. What makes it a great benefit is that they’re automatically based on your channel name. This makes promoting your YouTube channel far more convenient. If necessary, you can also change your custom URL up to 3 times a year.

Making a custom URL is pretty straightforward. However, there are some basic requirements you will have to meet to be eligible. Your channel needs at least 100 subscribers, must be at least 30 days old and must have an uploaded profile picture and banner image. It’s also good to make sure that your channel name is appropriate, and something that you’re comfortable with.

3. Setup Your AdSense Account

Creating an AdSense account early on helps to prepare you to make money on YouTube. You need one in order to apply to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) which gives you access to advertising revenue. It also opens up the ability to earn revenue from other features, like channel memberships, YouTube Premium revenue, and Super Chat. Some of these won’t be available to you right away. However, they remain great features to take advantage of while you grow as a creator. 

Having an active AdSense account is pretty significant. Without one, you won’t be able to monetize any videos on your channel. It’s also important that your content follows YouTube’s monetization and AdSense program policies. Otherwise, you risk your channel being demonetized, suspended, or even terminated. 

4. Make an Engaging Channel Trailer

Catching the attention of viewers that discover your channel for the first time is huge. An engaging channel trailer is designed to convert viewers into subscribers. Without a channel trailer, your viewers won’t have a clear, immediate idea of what your channel is about.

This can be tough unless you already have content made. Still, you can make a basic channel trailer that provides the value proposition of your channel. This can be as simple as describing the benefits you provide to viewers. You can also lead with a qualifying question and a brief introduction of who you are and your experience.

Your first 90 days on YouTube can be an exciting experience. It can also be a little challenging. It’s important to not lose sight of your goals. Stick to it, don’t feel discouraged, and consider setting short-term goals as you go along. These tips will help your journey to have a lot more structure and direction as you navigate your YouTube career. We hope you enjoyed our breakdown!

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