What Musicians Can Learn From Flume

By now, the whole world has heard of Australian musician, Flume. Since the debut of his first album in 2012, he has managed to surprise and impress the musical world with complex but catchy hits like “Sleepless,” “Say It (featuring Tove Lo),” and more.

Here’s a few things musicians can learn from his career.

1. Use available means to get your music out there.

Flume’s career started in a somewhat untraditional way; he began creating music at the age of 13 with a disk from inside a cereal box. His first album was created with just a laptop; no extravagant studio equipment needed. And finally, he rose to prominence after winning an original artists competition in Australia with the company Future Classic; a competition that was open to all undiscovered artists.

Take every opportunity and use available means to get your music out there.

2. Draw inspiration from other artists.

Harley Streten’s stage name, Flume, comes from a Bon Iver song with the same name. He has also released entire playlists of music that inspires him and influences his music. Never be afraid to draw inspiration from other artists when creating music.

3. Feature other artists to create different sounds.

Flume also consistently features other artists who help create unique and distinct sounds for each different song. The sound of “Smoke and Retribution,” featuring Vic Mensa is entirely different from the sound of “Never Be Like You,” featuring Kai. Feature other artists and don’t be afraid of new or different sounds. The diversity of Flume’s music is what makes it unique.

Flume can be considered a source of inspiration for any budding musician because of his unique start, unique sound, and his embracement of other artists.

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Jana is a Communication Studies major and French Studies minor at the University of San Francisco. She loves Mac DeMarco, Beyonce, and the ocean.

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