What Every YouTuber Can Take Away From The Recent Creator Summit

Every year, YouTube holds several Creator Summits around the world. These events bring together the top creators within a region so they can learn about creating better content while making meaningful connections.

The most recent Creator Summit was held in North America, and creators had the chance to listen to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, CPO Neal Mohan, and CBO Robert Kyncl speak. Afterwards, the YouTube creator blog interviewed a few of the attendees and shared their candid thoughts in an article.

Thanks to these interviews, every YouTuber can learn something from the recent Creator Summit. Here are a few of the most important takeaways.

When creators want to speak up, YouTube will listen.

The main message of this year’s North American Creator Summit was that when creators speak out, YouTube is going to listen. In fact, the panel featuring the three most important people behind YouTube reassured many creators in attendance that YouTube cares about their individual careers as well as the success of the platform as a whole.

According to singer-songwriter Sam Tsui, the YouTube community is healthy and thriving. He cited the increasing number of channels with more than a million subscribers and the high engagement rates many creators experience.

If you want to connect with YouTube personally, then you can reach out to the creator support team by tweeting at @YTCreators. If you’re a member of the Partner Program, then you can get in touch with them directly via email. First, click on your account icon and select “Help.” Next, choose “Need more help?” then “Get creator support.” Select the category that fits your issue and select “Email support.”

Finding success on YouTube comes down to passion.

For many creators, a major indicator of someone’s success on YouTube is how much money they make. However, the Creator Summit reminded many attendees of the importance of making the passion behind their content their number one driving force.

YouTuber Natalies Outlet described the way YouTube is working to ensure its creators can continue to monetize their content. With so many options to make money through your channel, such as the Partner Program and the Merch Shelf, there’s plenty of room for you to focus on creating something you’re proud of instead of just what get views. If you focus on creating what you love, then an audience who loves your content will find you.

Connecting with other people who make videos for a living is an important part of being a YouTuber.

One of the biggest draws of events like the Creator Summit is the opportunity to connect with other creators. Aside from speakers and panels, the Creator Summit also invites vloggers to mixers, parties, and other fun activities so that they can mix and mingle with creators just like themselves.

Not only can meeting other YouTubers help you in your career, but it can also help you feel less alone in your endeavors. On the second episode of their new podcast, the Try Guys talked about their recent trip to New York for the North American Creator Summit. They were excited to finally meet a lot of other top creators because they hadn’t had a similar opportunity since VidCon.

You can listen to the Try Guys talk more about what they did at the Creator Summit below.

You don’t have to attend a Creator Summit to benefit from what it teaches. Make your passion for creating content your first priority on YouTube, and connect with friends who have channels of their own.

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