What Every Musician Can Learn from Neville Marriner

The death of any musician is a cause for grief as well as the celebration of his or her life. Musicians who have managed to write many well-known songs, as well as lending their talents to beloved productions of famous works, are definitely a treasure to the world, which makes it all the sadder when they are gone.

One particular musician who died very recently is none other than Neville Marriner, whose expertise in classical music was matched by his experience. Here’s what every musician can learn from his illustrious career.

1. His life was about focusing on what you love.

Neville Marriner was born in Lincoln, England, on April 15, 1924, and began his studies in music in instruments such as the violin and piano. He ended up playing for the London Symphony Orchestra, as well as establishing the Academy of St. Martin, proving the importance of finding one’s interests.

Like him, any musician can learn how to specialize in what suits him or her the most. For example, he proved to be well-versed in his understanding of classical music, particularly for famous musicians such as Bach and Mozart.

2. His interests led him to Amadeus.

As previously mentioned, Marriner was knowledgeable regarding the classical music of Mozart. This led to one of Neville Marriner’s most recognized accomplishments, his recording of the soundtrack to the film Amadeus, the film that explored the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his relationship with his rival, Antonio Salieri.

The film was one of the most successful in history, earning numerous awards. The soundtrack he helped to create was also acclaimed and considered to be one of the greatest classical music albums ever created. This proved that his interests motivated him to create such a fantastic piece of art.

3. A musician’s legacy can affect others.

Neville Marriner died at the age of 92 on October 2nd. He taught us that, through his work, he could inspire other musicians through his love of the craft. Many expressed their grief at his death, including the staff of the Academy of St. Martin, who reported his death.

Through his academy, there are doubtless many more musicians who have been taught the beauty of classical music.

It is unfortunate that the world must say goodbye to a beloved and talented musician. Nevertheless, Neville Marriner’s influence in the field of classical music is present in the music he has created and the people he has inspired in the field. May his accomplishments stand as a lasting tribute to the man’s long and fascinating life.

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