What All YouTube Channels Can Learn From The FADER

The FADER have established themselves as a formidable multimedia outlet. They have been around for over ten years and have maintained a reputable image through print, as well as online.

Their YouTube channel is an extension of their success as a voice for music. If anyone is interested in establishing a YouTube channel bringing media to the masses, then look no further than The FADER’s channel for tips.

1. Make music videos.

Music videos are an instant way into the hearts of viewers. Music connects more people than it divides. If someone can include a music video portion of their YouTube channel, they should.

Whether it be making a video with friends, filming a live performance, or a full on production, music videos are often the most viewed videos on YouTube.

2. Make documentaries.

Viewers are always looking to gain insight on a variety of topics. The FADER presents documentaries for those interested in learning new things.

One of the most difficult things about documentaries is keeping them concise. The FADER does just that. They make small documentaries about the current musical subculture. Make a documentary about people that others may find interesting.

3. Associate with tastemakers.

In order to have a great channel, it is important to make videos with people that are influential in media. The FADER does a great job balancing their coverage of both respected, established musicians and rising figures.

Remember to be the rising star, but look to previous trailblazers for advice and insight on releasing great content.

Whether a YouTuber wants to release music videos or documentaries, The FADER is the perfect example of what to do right. Provide raw footage of artists. Be unfiltered, but know how to do it in a professional manner. Tell stories through short documentaries, make the next great music video, and look to The FADER in advance.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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