What All Music Vloggers Can Learn From The Needle Drop

Many fans of YouTube will know Anthony Fantano as the Internet’s busiest music nerd. He originally named himself that because he thought he was too busy to be creating a channel where he reviews music, but he made time. Eventually he became an authority for many music fans on what’s worth listening to.

He is still busy, but now he spends all of his time and energy working on his YouTube channel. A lot of what Anthony does right can be applied to anyone looking to start their own music-based YouTube channel.

1. Don’t be afraid to be critical.

Fantano doesn’t mince words. He speaks his mind. He is the first person to champion a new album or single, but if he’s not into the album, he’s not going to fake it. Being critical and opinionated in vlogs is a way for viewers to pay attention to what the creator is saying. Fantano has a section on his channel called Not Good, which is dedicated to music that he thinks is bad.

Vloggers should take ownership of their beliefs. If someone is neutral on everything it is harder to find them engaging. Be involved.

2. His YouTube channel is easy to navigate.

The layout of The Needle Drop is very user-friendly. Viewers can peruse through the channel, searching through a variety of playlists.

It is important to have a YouTube channel that is neatly organized. As the creator, you should make great content, but present it in the most accessible way for viewers.

3. Have variety, even when specializing.

Anthony Fantano has a niche audience, but that doesn’t keep him from branching out through his channel. Although Fantano mainly reviews new music, he has a section for classics, as well as a weekly podcast.

It is good to go the extra mile when creating content. This turns a vlogger from someone who does one thing well to a multifaceted YouTube star.

The Needle Drop proves that music vloggers can gain a lot of subscribers from speaking on what they are passionate about. The channel has more than half a million subscribers because Fantano went further than just reviewing music. His uploads are user friendly, various, and interesting. Vlog about an interest with spirit, and the viewers will come.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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