Vlog Like a Pro Using These Tips

While starting a vlog nowadays is pretty straightforward, most successful vloggers take steps before and after filming to make sure that their content is top-notch. You notice a difference when watching their videos – you’re aware that the vlogger you’re watching is a professional. 

Start vlogging like a pro using these tips.

1. Use the Best Equipment That You Have

Using the right equipment will make a world’s difference in vlogging like a pro. However, start by using the best that you have available. If you do not have access to a DSLR camera, a great alternative is, of course, your smartphone. If you go this route, invest in a tripod. This way, you can record videos without being constrained to propping your phone up. 

Also, consider saving money to invest in better equipment over time. For starters, an external microphone would greatly increase the audio quality of your videos. As for visuals, most vloggers rely exclusively on DSLR cameras. They help creators produce consistent, high-quality 4K videos. Not only will your videos rank better, but viewers will appreciate the greater image quality. 

2. Establish a Narrative

Casey Neistat YouTube

Establish a narrative for your viewers to follow. Vlogs typically incorporate a basic walkthrough of everyday life. However, storytelling presents a unique way for you to make a regular day far more cinematic. By creating a storyline, your video becomes a lot more entertaining to watch.

Before filming, take some time to storyboard your vlog. Instead of a regular day-in-the-life, try to establish a narrative. In general, a story follows a three-act narrative, or a setup, conflict, and resolution approach. The above video from Casey is a great example. He goes about retrieving his drone from a tall building, establishing a setup and conflict. By the end, he rewards us with a satisfying resolution.

3. Edit Your Videos

Editing your own videos is extremely beneficial in vlogging like a pro. Video editing software allows you the opportunity to edit your videos, remove any filler words you use. In turn, your videos are more pleasing to follow along with. Moreover, you have the choice of adding background music and special effects.

There are tons of video editing software that you can take advantage of on mobile or PC. You can also use YouTube to search for tutorials. Most importantly, shoot with editing in mind. Your first, second, and hundredth recording won’t be perfect. If you make a mistake, it doesn’t mean starting over. Instead, edit it out in post-production.

4. Be Authentic With Your Audience

Show your authentic self to your audience. You will be the focal point of all of your videos. If your viewers don’t feel that your videos are realistic, they’ll be turned off, no matter what you’re vlogging about.

Don’t be afraid to share past struggles and shortcomings. These may include failures you experienced or general anxiety you had before starting your vlog. Also, practice a conversational tone. Professional vloggers employ a conversational tone that makes viewers feel like close friends. In any case, moments like these allow your audience to connect with you on a personal level. 

Vlogging like a pro takes a lot of effort up front. Still, it’s not impossible. With these tips, you’ll be closer to being a professional whenever you interact with the camera. We hope you enjoyed our breakdown and can apply these tips to your vlogging career!

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