Song Marketing Tactics to Increase Sales

In song marketing theory, buyers are categorized into three different behavioral types: thrift buyers, average spenders, and big spenders. Different song marketing strategies work differently on each type of buyer.

Big spenders make up 15% of all buyers. They are devoted fans who impulsively buy the music they like to listen to. Average spenders make up 61% of buyers and buy songs they enjoy, while occasionally making emotional purchases. Thrift buyers make up the last 24% and only buy songs they absolutely love.

Since thrift and average buyers make up 61% of all song buyers, encourage them to make purchases by creating timed releases and exclusive deals. For example, a great marketing strategy to attract these customers would be to regularly release free demos to keep them following and engaged with your updates. Throwing in free bundles of various songs, remixes, and instrumental versions with a regular song purchase can also boost sales. Bundling together merchandise with cd’s to increase sales is also a great song marketing tactic.

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