4 Topics Every Viewer Will Enjoy

Countless videos float aimlessly around YouTube because they fail to discuss universally appealing topics. One of the most difficult aspects of creating content is finding topics that will guarantee audience satisfaction.

YouTubers should discuss these topics in order to secure the enjoyment of viewers:

1. New experiences.

Create a video about a new experience such as traveling, starting a new job or picking up a hobby. These videos are great because it’ll inform and provide a good story to viewers. Plus, audiences of all demographics can relate to the excitement/scariness of encountering new things.

2. Trending gossip.

Whether people like to admit it or not, gossip is a dirty little pleasure everyone loves indulging. Not only does it throw a little excitement into life but it’s reassuring to know that no one is perfect.

3. Embarrassing moments.

Embarrassing moments are good to share with audiences because they elevate your likeability. Audiences want to watch someone they can relate to and these moments of vulnerability will highlight humility, while providing a laugh.

4. Struggles.

Sharing struggles will help shine a light for viewers as well as develop a larger audience. Life is filled with unavoidable hardships, and discussing them with viewers will be therapeutic for yourself as well as audiences.

For YouTubers unable to find next angle for a video, begin brainstorming with one of these four topics.

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Roselie Kelly loves to explore and meet new people. She recently moved to Dublin Ireland, where she spends her time teaching English as a foreign language, running, picking up new hobbies and being a dutiful temp receptionist/runner/errand girl/cookie snatcher!

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