Tips On Improving Your Live Shows

As a fan, one of the best experiences is being able to see your favorite artist perform. You listen to the artist’s music day in and day out, but that doesn’t compare to seeing a live show. As musicians, you try to deliver the best possible performance so that your fans leave with an unforgettable experience. However, performing live isn’t easy. Here are 5 tips to help improve your live shows:

Don’t Skip Sound Check: Sound check sets you up for a successful performance. You get to foresee any issues that may arise on stage before you actually perform. Imagine how it would look if halfway through your first song you had to stop due to a faulty microphone.

Connect With Your Audience: Even though you’re on stage, interact with your fans. Make eye contact. Ask questions. Thank everyone for coming out to your show. Simple interactions will make your live shows more memorable for your fans.

Separate Yourself From Other Acts: Before you even set foot on stage, have in mind one or two things you are going to do to set yourself apart. If it’s in your budget, spend some extra money to make your stage unique. If you don’t have the money, do something as simple as wearing a costume. Setting yourself apart is especially important if you’re performing in a music festival, where you aren’t the only musician performing. Don’t let your live show get lost in the mix.

Perform in Different Settings: It’s easy to get on stage when you know you’re going to be in front of people who like your music. However, as a musician it is also important to get out of your comfort zone. Perform in front of crowds that may not be aware of your music. Not only will you learn how to handle skeptical crowds, but you may also gain new fans.

View Video Footage of Past Performances: Learn from your past mistakes. View videos of your previous live shows, and see what you can do better. Maybe you didn’t interact with your fans enough, or you may have long pauses between songs. Seeing yourself from the outside will help you see what you can improve on. Be your own critic.

Follow these simple steps to help make your live shows more memorable for both you and your fans. Experiment and try new things to ensure that your fans get the most out of your live shows.

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