This New Feature Will Help You Earn More Money On YouTube

This year, YouTube has really been focused on creating more options for creators to monetize their content. With the booming popularity of live streaming, YouTube created Super Chat, which enables viewers to send premium messages to their favorite creators.

YouTube Live brings in thousands of viewers from all across the globe. In early November, YouTube introduced a new way for creators to monetize their live streams.

Super Stickers take Super Chat to a fun new level.

Apps like Facebook Messenger and iMessage enable users to communicate with exclusive stickers. YouTube is bringing a similar concept to its live streaming platform through Super Stickers.

Super Stickers work in the same way Super Chat does. When you go live, viewers can pay to send you Super Stickers in the chat box next to your stream. Not only will you be able to see the Super Stickers they send, but so will the rest of your audience.

The stickers are translated into several languages.

One of the best things about YouTube is its global audience. Many of your viewers may enjoy your videos through subtitles or leave comments in their second language.

YouTube designed its Super Stickers to cater to its international user base. The words in the sticker designs can be translated into English, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and French.

The sticker packs come with their own stories.

The initial Super Sticker launches presents users with eight different packs to choose from. Of those eight, five of the packs are animated, and they have their own unique backstories.

Viewers can use these backstories to choose favorite characters and decide which stickers they want to send. As a creator, you can choose your personal favorite Super Stickers and encourage fans to send in those.

If you’re eligible for Super Chat, you’re already opted into Super Stickers.

If you already have Super Chat enabled on your channel, then YouTube will turn on Super Stickers automatically. Your viewers can start sending them the next time you stream.

If you aren’t yet eligible, the requirements are relatively simple. First, your channel must be monetized. You’ll also need at least a thousand subscribers. You must also be over eighteen and located in one of the available locations.

Super Stickers offer creators and their viewers a fun new way to interact during live streams. This new feature will help you generate more revenue while connecting with your audience.

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