This Creator Prolonged Her Career By Switching Niches

Carrie Dayton has been on YouTube since 2013. Originally, she found success with storytime videos, but now, she focuses more on fashion. She has been able to maintain a career as a full-time content creator.

Here’s how Carrie Dayton prolonged her career by switching niches.

She built a following in a popular niche.

When Carrie first began uploading videos, the storytime format was incredibly popular. Early in her career, she began focusing on this type of videos, and her views skyrocketed. Like many other creators around that time, she branded her channel as a storytime channel.

Carrie’s storytimes gained popularity because of the way she presented them. For viewers, it was as if a friend was telling them about a wild thing that had happened. Carrie described these videos as “another crazy story about my crazy life.”

She began to mix in other kinds of content she enjoyed.

As her storytime channel grew, Carrie began to experiment with other kinds of content she enjoyed as well. Aside from storytime vlogs, she dabbled in style and beauty content. She tested weird beauty products and hacks, did sponsored clothing hauls, and vlogged her thrifting adventures.

Carrie, who has always been very open with her viewers, also began to make body positive fashion and shopping content. These videos, such as the one below, became some of the most popular uploads on her channel.

She gradually transitioned to a new niche.

Eventually, Carrie’s style videos began to get more views than her storytimes. She also found herself enjoying fashion content more. So, she slowly began to transition her channel into being majority style content. She alternated between storytimes and style videos for a while.

Then, towards the end of 2018, Carrie’s channel became completely fashion-based. Viewers turn to her for recommendations, hauls, and try-on videos. Now, she creates a lot of content around thrift shopping and seasonal outfits.

Carrie Dayton retained her channel’s success by slowly transitioning to a new content niche as the popularity of storytime videos began to fade. Now, her channel continues to grow, and she’s able to do YouTube full-time.

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