The Secrets To YouTube Success

Every successful YouTube channel has a few things in common. The core tenets they share form the foundation of their long and fulfilling careers online. By prioritizing these elements on your own channel, you’ll set yourself up for success.

Here are a few secrets of YouTube success.

1. Turn your audience into a community.

The relationship you have with your audience is the foundation of your channel’s success. The size of a foundation doesn’t matter if it isn’t strong enough to bear the weight of the structure it upholds. Similarly, your success will only last if your relationship with your audience is rock solid. If you betray their trust or treat them like their money is the only thing that matters to you, then they’ll turn their backs on you in an instance. However, if you’re honest with them, admit your mistakes, and engage with them, then they’ll stand by your side.

You should work on fostering a sense of community around your channel so it feels like something to belong to instead of just something to watch. Engage with them in the comments and across other social media platforms. Host live streams so you can hang out with them in real time, and go to YouTube conventions and other events to meet your fans if you’re able to.

2. Build a consistent, recognizable brand.

The biggest names on YouTube aren’t just channel names — they’re brands. Names like Emma Chamberlain and Good Mythical Morning can draw in viewers, sell out products, and make it onto the trending page because of how recognizable they are. You probably associate certain qualities with these channels, too, which is part of their strong branding.

As a content creator, you need to build a recognizable brand for your channel. More importantly, you need to be consistent with it. Decide how you want to present yourself online. Will you be extroverted and outgoing or awkward and quirky? Whoever you choose to be, make sure it’s authentic to who you truly are.

Additionally, your brand will include specific design elements. Start with a color palette that represents the emotions you want your channel to evoke. Then, design a logo that appeals to your target demographic. Use both of these elements to design your channel art and profile pictures for other social media platforms.

3. Toe the line between niche and trendy content.

If all of your content is super niche, then your audience eventually won’t be able to grow much more. However, if all of your videos are super trendy or timely, then they won’t be appealing to viewers after a few weeks. Therefore, the content you create needs to strike a balance between niche and trendy.

The best thing you can do is to incorporate trending frames or challenges into your niche content. For example, Dutch creator Loepsie makes a lot of vintage-inspired hair tutorials. So, when cottagecore style became popular, she made a cottagecore hair tutorial. Instead of making several videos about different hairstyles and overwhelming her viewers with timely content, however, she put fifteen in a single video.

In order to have a successful YouTube career, you should build a community around your channel. Build a recognizable brand, and create a mixture of niche and trendy content.

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