The Easiest Ways To Keep Viewers On Your Channel

The YouTube algorithm rewards channels that can keep viewers on the platform longer, especially if those viewers stay on the same channel. Preventing viewers from migrating to other channels isn’t as difficult as you may think. By making your related content easy for viewers to find, you can lead them to more of your videos intuitively.

These are the easiest ways to keep viewers on your channel.

Link related content in info cards throughout your video.

Info cards appear as little white circles in the top right corner of a video. At the creator’s determined timestamp, that icon shows the title of another video. Then, viewers can click on it in order to follow the link.

They’re an extremely handy tool for keeping viewers on your channel because they open up new tabs. If a viewer closes the tab with the original video they were watching, then they’ll still have one of your videos pulled up. If the link leads them to a related video, then they’ll be much more likely to watch it.

Info cards are fairly easy to use in your YouTube Studio. For the step-by-step instructions, follow along with the video below.

Feature popular playlists on your channel’s home page.

Creators have been using playlists to increase their watch time for years. However, getting viewers to find those playlists can be a struggle. Unless they go to your channel’s playlists tab, then they might not even realize you’ve put any together.

To get your playlists in front of more viewers, feature them on your channel’s home page. Then, both new viewers and longtime fans will see them as soon as they go to your channel. Choose your most popular or most recent playlists. Then, follow this tutorial.

Link relevant or popular videos and playlists in your video descriptions.

Each video description has so much room for things that will help your channel, but a lot of creators disregard its usefulness. One of the simplest yet most helpful things you can include in your video descriptions is links. You can drop links to anything you want, such as your website, your social media, or your merch store.

You should be linking to other videos near the top of your descriptions. Choose videos that are relevant to your current upload, whether they’re related or timely. You could also link to popular videos on your channel, especially if there’s a viral video that jumpstarted your career.

Additionally, add the current video to a few relevant playlists. Then, include those links in your video description. To further entice viewers to click, give each playlist a title and a brief description.

Use your end screen to link your uploads chronologically.

Your end screen is the last thing viewers see before the video’s over, making it your last chance to keep them on your channel. Think of it as a billboard advertising what other content you have to offer. Viewers will only glance at it for a few seconds, so you need to catch their attention quickly.

A lot of creators use their end screens to link their videos chronologically by embedding their previous uploads. You should also leave a spot for your next video then go back and link it after it’s been uploaded. Then, your end screens will guide viewers through all of your content.

To make it easier on yourself, create a template you can use for every end screen. Then, all you’ll need is your video links. Check out the video below to learn how.

To keep viewers on your channel, link them to your related videos in as many ways as you can. Utilize your videos’ info cards, end screens, and descriptions.

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