The Best Ways To Sell Your Music

Gone are the days of buying and selling music in the form of physical copies. Today, most music is sold through mediums such as iTunes, Spotify, or Google Play. The thing is, some people believe using a third party to sell your tunes is the only way, but that’s just false.

There are lots of ways that you can directly trade with your audience that, in the end, are a better option for smaller musicians.

1. Make a mailing list.

This might seem like a trivial tip, but a mailing list can be extremely useful. Email is used just as much as Twitter or Facebook, even more, so setting up a mailing list on your website is great at letting people know when something new is out.

It is important to keep notification emails to a minimum,so don’t spam your audience with unnecessary news.

2. Sell directly from your website.

Selling music from your artist website is important, and there is no excuse not to be directly selling your music to fans. Today, people especially love to pay with safe and secure options like PayPal, and direct selling can accommodate that.

Along with that, selling from your website means people will have to actually visit said website, which hopefully will also show future events and links to social media. This is how you begin to build an online presence.

3. Have pre-orders and sales.

Pre-orders are one of the best ways to sell music. First of all, they get revenue and sales flowing even before you release the album or song. The benefit of this is that you can start to hype up whatever you are selling weeks before, so when it drops, there will be a ton of attention on it.

Along with this, sales can be a great option. For example,you could offer holiday or seasonal sales, or hold a sale before some live event. These also generate hype and extra revenue.

4. Offer digital bundles.

If on your website you have either multiple albums, songs, or different merchandise, you should be bundling your products. The idea with bundling is not to sell two $10 items for $19, as some people do. That’s not the kind of deal that will interest your fans.

You should actually give some sort of deal. Bundle together a few items, maybe with something unexpected thrown in, with about a 10% discount. You aren’t losing money because bundling exposes your fans to content they might have otherwise never heard.

Many musicians already have a significant online presence and sell their music online, but there are always ways to improve. Try some of these tips, even if you just do one or two of them, and there’s a good chance you will start to get even more sales and revenue.

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Sean Harris is a writer in the midwest US who plans on majoring in computer science or physics at college. He enjoys listening to music, blogging, and reading.

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