The Benefits Of Organizing Your Videos Into Playlists

Playlists are an often underutilized feature on YouTube. Many creators don’t recognize the benefits of organizing their content into easily accessible groups for viewers to find and binge watch from.

Here are the benefits of organizing your videos into playlists.

The algorithm treats videos and playlists as equals.

Whenever you upload a new video, YouTube will rank it in the search results, place it in viewers’ home pages, suggest it to new viewers, etc. based on its place in the video ranking algorithm. You can raise your video’s place in the algorithm through SEO, increasing your watch time, and, of course, getting more views.

The algorithm treats a playlist the same way it treats a video. Therefore, whenever you create a playlist, it will be promoted to subscribers and new potential viewers alike. Playlists can help you reach a lot more new viewers as well as encourage longtime viewers to rewatch older content.

Playlists can boost your watch time score.

Watch time refers to the amount of time viewers spend watching your videos, as opposed to the number of people who click play. Playlists can easily boost your watch time by automatically playing the next video in the list.

Playlists are also great for increasing session lengths and ends on your channel. Even if viewers don’t start their watch session with your playlist, they’ll likely stay on your channel longer once they find it. Then, their session may end when your playlist does.

You can include more keywords in your playlist titles and descriptions.

Playlists are also similar to new videos in that you can add titles, descriptions, and tags. These places give you more room to include keywords, which is great for Search Engine Optimization.

Build your playlists around popular keywords in your niche. Keep your title short and simple so viewers can easily find it on your channel. Then, include relevant keywords in your description and tags.

YouTube will recommend other videos in the playlist to viewers.

One of the most important things a playlist can do is tell the algorithm which videos are related. By linking your videos through a playlist, you let the platform know that viewers who like one of the videos will likely enjoy the rest of the playlist as well.

YouTube will recommend the other videos in your playlist to viewers who watch one of them. If you include other creators’ videos in your playlist, then your videos may be suggested to their viewers as well.

When it comes to promoting your videos, playlists pack quite a punch. Organize your video into playlists to give the algorithm more ways to promote your channel.

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