The 7 Video Marketing Strategies Every Vlogger Should Be Using

In order to build a successful YouTube career, you have to put as much time and effort into promoting your videos as you do creating them. While there are seemingly endless ways to market your videos, there are a few specific strategies any creator can benefit from.

Here are the seven video marketing strategies every vlogger should be using.

1. Create content within a specific niche.

First, videos are easier to market when there’s already an audience for the kind of content you’re making. Therefore, creators who are growing their channels should focus their content within an already existing niche.

To find your niche, look at the most popular videos on your channel. They likely have a common factor that will point you towards your niche.

Even if you’re already creating content within a specific niche, it’s a good idea to reexamine your approach every so often. If your viewers are more drawn to a specific style of video, then that’s what you should be creating more of. For example, Loey Lane’s channel started out as a fashion and beauty vlog. However, as she began incorporating paranormal storytimes into her weekly content, she found that viewers preferred them to her beauty videos. Therefore, Loey decided to shift her channel’s focus by reading viral scary stories for her viewers to enjoy.

2. Keep promoting old videos.

In order to keep your channel growing, you should continue promoting your older videos as well as your new ones. Good SEO, for example, will enable new viewers to find old videos.

You can find helpful tips for promoting your previous videos in this post.

3. Develop a new social media marketing plan for every video.

Before you even start filming, think about what can make your video marketable. What will make a good thumbnail? Are there any elements that could make an interesting title? What aspects of the video can you tease on social media before uploading the finished product?

Because every video is different, each one requires its own social media marketing plan. Learn how to develop a specific marketing plan for every video here.

4. Use clickbait carefully.

Some vloggers believe that clickbait is the only way to attract viewers to your videos. While it is an effective strategy, you should be extremely careful when using clickbait. If your viewers feel that your titles or thumbnails are too misleading, they may stop watching your new videos in order to avoid disappointment.

However, you can use clickbait both effectively and responsibly. Find out more by checking out this post.

A good clickbait title is descriptive but vague. This strategy works best for storytime videos or daily vlogs. To get a better idea of what makes an effective clickbait title, look at creators such as Gabbie Hanna.

5. End every video with a call-to-action.

At the end of every video, remind your viewers to like the video and subscribe to your channel. Don’t draw out the call-to-action. Instead, make it part of a quick goodbye and point them towards the subscribe button.

You should also encourage them to comment by making specific requests such as “Let me know what you’d like to see me do next!” or “Tell me what you think about the finished look!”.

6. Interact with your audience as much as possible.

One of the best things about having a career in social media is the large audience you get to engage with every single day. Your viewers support your content in so many more ways than just watching it. You probably hear from subscribers all across the globe every day thanks to social media.

Therefore, interacting with your audience on social media should be an important part of your daily routine. Reply to their tweets. Like Instagram posts they tag you in. If viewers create any fan accounts dedicated to you, follow them back.

The more you interact with your audience, the more they’ll interact with you. This, in turn, leads to more of their followers seeing your channel name.

7. Focus on strengthening your viewers’ loyalty to your channel.

Many of the most successful YouTubers are more than just content creators; they’re brands. For example, Zoe Sugg has become Zoella Beauty. Rosanna Pansino is Nerdy Nummies. Colleen Ballinger is Miranda Sings.

These creators turned their channels into brands by building a strong personal relationship with their viewers. They let their viewers into their personal lives through daily vlogs. They share their lows as well as their highs with the internet. They put the “social” in social media influencer.

For successful channels, merchandise is another major part of strong branding. Being able to wear a shirt or read a book created by their favorite vlogger increases viewers’ brand loyalty.

The more closely a piece of merchandise is tied to your online presence, the better. For example, vlogger Colleen Ballinger is famous for her character Miranda Sings, who wears bright red lipstick in every video. Recently, Colleen released two shades of lipstick, one for herself and one for Miranda. Fans have the option to represent either channel Colleen runs.

In order to grow your channel, you should design a new social media marketing plan for every video. Start with these strategies to find what works best for you.

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