The 3 Best Ways To Promote Your Music

If you want to sell your music, then you need to promote your music. Even top artists like Taylor Swift and Drake still promote their music with merchandise, commercials, and talk show appearances.

Though you may not be quite ready to promote on The Tonight Show, you can still market your music to plenty of interested consumers. Here are the three best ways for any musicians to promote new music.

1. Focus on playing gigs.

Country artist Hunter Hayes is constantly on the road. When he’s not recording new music, he’s traveling across the country playing show after show. As a result, Hunter has had several chart-topping singles and even a chart-topping album.

If you want to reach new people with your music, then you should take your music to wherever they are. Play live every chance you get. Plan a tour, even if it’s only a few days traveling around your state or province.

2. Keep your website updated.

Popstar Ariana Grande has separate sections on her website for new music, news, and videos. Unlike a lot of musician websites, her news section is constantly updated with the latest information about tours, appearances, and awards.

In order to cater to potential new fans, you need to keep your website updated. Write a blog or curate articles into a news section so that visitors to your site will know where to find you and your music next.

3. Market yourself as more than just a musician.

Selena Gomez made a name for herself as both an actress and a singer. By expanding her talents beyond music, she has more to offer listeners and fans. Her acting and dancing skills also come in handy for her music videos.

If you want to get people’s attention, then you should market yourself as more than just a musician. You can also be a songwriter like Ed Sheeran or a video director like Kanye West.

Promoting your music is all about getting people’s attention. Follow these tips to best promote your new music to potential fans.

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