How To Submit Your Music To Music Choice

For those of you with cable providers like Time Warner and Comcast, you’ve likely ran into the Music Choice channels. These channels are a multi-platform network designed to bring you cool new music and music videos.  Through television, internet, and mobile outlets, Music Choice delivers music programming to millions of consumers. Consumers, who could very well be listening to your band! Here’s how you should be submitting content to Music Choice:

First thing’s first

Make sure your press kit is ready.Your letter of introduction should be immediately grab the reader’s attention! Include music clips with accompanying lyrics, high resolution photos, tour dates, promotional videos, websites and press reviews. Don’t forget to include your availability for follow-up interview and questions as well as your contact information.

Submit your best audio tracks

Mail your cd with your media kit to the following address:

Music Choice Programming
Attn: Unsigned Material (include music genre – such as Rock, Rap, Country)
328 W. 34th Street
New York, NY 10001

Submit your Best Music Videos

Mail your video with your media kit to the same address as above:

Music Choice Video Programming
Attn: Asset Management (include music genre – such as Rock, Rap, Country)
328 W. 34th Street
New York, NY 10001

Submission Requirements

There are only requirements for video submissions. The requirements include:
-BETA sp or Digi BETA format

-Close captioned format (CC)
-Lyric sheet should be included
-TV MA material not accepted (contents unsuitable for children under 17)
-Chyron should not be embedded


It’s important to consider all media outlets. Although we have our cellphones and the internet, we cannot forget that television is always a good route to take for advertisement, as it has been one of the oldest methods used to promote music and other products.

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