7 Powerful Ways To Use Social Media For YouTube Video Promotion

Promoting your YouTube videos through social media is both fun & rewarding. A bit of effort in creating engaging content for sharing on social media even if, it’s just a simple quote or a catchy description that you add while sharing your video link, can help you a long way in getting more views & subs for your YouTube channel. Check out these 7 effective ways to use social media for promoting your YouTube Videos online:

 1)  Post On Relevant Facebook Groups 

While you share your video posts on Facebook, don’t forget to tag people you know  who would be interested in viewing your videos. The tagged post will be visible to their friends on their timelines as well. Target more people who would be interested in your content by targeting relevant Facebook groups. You can interact with group admins & check out the existing posts on a group’s timeline to find out if the group is relevant for posting your video content. You can even create your own Facebook group to promote videos & content relevant to your industry. It not only gives your videos more visibility, but also makes it easier for friends & new fans to share your videos further.

2) Hashtag Your Way To The Limelight


Don’t forget to add relevant hash tags to your messages. Find & use popular hash tags on Facebook & Twitter that are related to your posts to help more people discover your videos. You can even add a custom hash tag for your own YouTube channel or campaign to help people find & follow your posts. You can check out  on-line tools like Hashtagify.me to discover trending hash tags that are relevant to your content.

3) Use Appropriate Twitter Hashtags & Handles

You can use custom hashtags to host Twitter chats with your fans & run contests to build more awareness about your YouTube channel. Use the right twitter handles to mention relevant brands or influencers who would be interested in your content. Don’t forget to thank your followers with a customized ‘Thank you’ message. You can try apps like Crowdfire for creating a customized message for all your new followers.

4) Reach Out To Your Audience On Instagram


A sneak peek into the behind the scenes action involved in the making of your videos or a short 15 seconds Instagram video highlighting your work on YouTube are great ways to create a favorable impression for your YouTube channel on Instagram. For promoting your music tracks, you can even post a 15 second music clip with a still image on Instagram & drive more traffic to your YouTube channel. You can also try uploading short videos on Vine as well to generate more traffic & views.

5) Use Pinterest Boards For Promotion


You can strengthen your channel’s brand by uploading pins of your YouTube videos under appropriate boards. Don’t forget to add a catchy description & the complete link to your website or blog, while uploading your pins.

6) Share Generously On Google+

Apart from sharing on your channel’s official google+ page, you can also post updates related to your video content on relevant Google+ communities to reach more people online.

7) Don’t Shy Away From LinkedIn

If your videos are relevant to a business or specific industry, don’t miss out on sharing the posts on LinkedIn to your followers and also on relevant professional groups.

Don’t forget to mention your YouTube channel in the profile information on your social media accounts. And don’t shy away from cross posting your video content to your Tumblr account. By effectively engaging your audience & regularly sharing your video content on social media, you can promote your YouTube videos more successfully to gain those subs & views, that you always wanted.

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