Simple Wisdom From Successful Musicians That Will Help Your Career


One of the best ways to learn about success in the music industry is by listening to words of wisdom from people who have already “made it.” These successful musicians have experienced a lot. They’ve found out what works and what doesn’t work for them. And they’ve learned from their mistakes – probably the hard way. You can try to avoid their mistakes and use their wisdom to boost your own music career.

Of course, there are many case studies out there, but often a simpler resource is quotes from the music greats. Quotes can give you quick insights and wisdom, and the motivation to keep you going. Here are two great quotes from two talented and successful musicians. Learn from them and build on it for your own success!

“We rely more on enthusiasm than actual skill. Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically and people will like it more.” – Chris Martin (Coldplay)

You don’t need to be the best player or singer from a technical standpoint to be successful in the music industry. No matter how much you practice and learn, there’s probably always going to be someone better than you – and that’s okay! In fact, if you just sit in your room practicing all day, every day, you’ll probably be less successful than someone out there working with what they have. Of course, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t strive to be as good as you possibly can, but don’t let it be a barrier for you.

Instead, take some time and really think about what you are good at. Everyone has something unique about their playing, their writing, their performing, or their personality. Play that up! You may not be the best technical player, but you are the best at being you. No one can compete with you on that front. Maybe you’re really good at doing tricks with your drumsticks – incorporate that into the live show while you’re playing. Maybe you’re really good at sweet string bends on the guitar, but you can’t play super fast yet – incorporate your skills into your guitar solos instead of beating yourself up about what you can’t do.

Once you know your unique skills and personality traits, go out there and work them enthusiastically. If you’re out there doing what you love and your fans can see that, they will connect with you more than if you were just sitting in your room trying to get that guitar solo perfect. Remember: for the most part, people connect more with enthusiasm and emotion than just pure skill.

“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.” – B.B. King

As a musician, you should never stop learning. You should always be a student of your instrument and the music business. Especially in this digital world when things are always changing, you don’t want to miss new technology and risk becoming less effective. Follow industry blogs and news sites, learn from what other musicians are doing, and try to apply those concepts to your career. Knowledge is the most powerful resource and asset you have as a musician, and you’ll have it forever!

Sometimes it can be difficult to get over our egos and ask for help, but that’s one of the things that makes a truly successful musician. Surround yourself with people who are better than you so you can learn from them, and in turn, get better yourself! If you’re not so good with social media, find a local band that is and ask for advice. If you have trouble on stage, find someone with a great stage presence and get some tips. If you have trouble getting the final mix right when you’re engineering or producing, work with someone who has it down and learn.



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