Quick Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Videos

When your video receives a lot of views in a short amount of time, the YouTube algorithm will push it to more potential viewers because it thinks users are loving your content. Attracting those viewers to your channel in the first place can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming.

Here are a few quick ways to increase traffic to your videos.

Link your latest upload on your Instagram story.

The stories feature on Instagram can attract a lot of viewers because of the sense of urgency that’s built into it. Story posts disappear after twenty-four hours, so your followers will click on them so they don’t miss out. This makes it the perfect place to promote your videos.

If you have more than ten thousand followers on Instagram, then you can post links on your story. Your viewers can “swipe up” on the post to be taken directly to your latest YouTube video. However, if you haven’t unlocked the swipe up feature yet, then you can put a video link in your bio and use a story post to direct your viewers there.

Share a clip of your video that fits with a current TikTok trend.

The nature of TikTok lends itself well to virality. While it isn’t guaranteed, anyone who uploads a short video can receive millions of views overnight. Therefore, as a content creator, you should be promoting your content on this platform.

Another great aspect of TikTok is how quickly trends spread on the app. If you encounter a trend that reminds you of one of your YouTube videos, then you should upload a clip from that video as part of the trend. Be sure to include the link to the video in your caption or a comment.

Suggest other uploads to your viewers with info cards and end screen embeds.

Whenever you upload a new YouTube video, there are certain features you can use to promote previous uploads as well. Info cards appear in the top right corner of the video at the time stamp you select. You can use them to link related or relevant videos your audience would enjoy.

You can also promote your previous uploads in the end screen during the final few seconds of your new video. Embed your most recent video or the previous installation in the series. You can even embed an entire playlist of related videos.

Promoting your YouTube videos doesn’t have to take up too much of your time. Utilize these tips to increase the traffic to your content quickly and efficiently.

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