Promolta Review: A Comprehensive Promolta Review By Musicians

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The Internet is crowded. A hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. How do you get your video seen by the right people, who will become new fans? That is the problem Promolta solves.

We have a large publisher network, who distributes your video on – blogs, websites, and social networks. We don’t just get you views. We show your video to the right people – those that are most likely to buy your music on iTunes, attend your show, follow you on social media, and share your music with friends. We don’t have bots or spam. A real person must watch your video for more than 30 seconds to count as a view.

We could go on and on talking about what we feel makes Promolta great. However, we are going to let some satisfied musicians let you know what they think.

These reviews were posted on our Promolta Facebook Page.

Promolta Review On Facebook From J.E & Michael.

Promolta Review

Promolta Review On Facebook From Marina & Linda. 

Promolta Review 1

Promolta Review On Facebook From Sjoerd.

Promolta Review 2

Promolta Review On Facebook From Tony. 

Promolta Review 3

Promolta Review On Facebook From Kelvin.

Promolta Review 4

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