Ok Go: Onto 10 Years of Viral Music Video Hits

Ok Go is a alternative rock group famously known as “the treadmill guys” for their viral music video in 2006, “Here it Goes Again” where they performed a dance routine on treadmills. Their video gained a million views in less than a week, nearly 2 video views a second!

However, their real success comes from their ability to create continuous viral hits. In the past 10 years, they’ve created over 10 viral music videos each hitting 2 million to 50 million views!

Here are 3 lessons that their viral success can teaches us:

1) Concept is just as important as the music. Innovative choreography, catchy dance moves, flashy colors, and creative props gives their music videos a unique viewing experience.

2) Each music video uses recent technology, from laser engraved toast to aerial video shot by drone. People are naturally interested in new technology, which greatly adds to the Wow factor.

3) Most importantly, they keep their video concepts simple. While the video ideas are original, the viewer can easily understand what is happening but is kept on the edge for what will happen next.

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