How To Use Natural Light For YouTube Video Production

Lighting is one of the things that can make a video look amazing. However, you don’t have to shell out for an expensive lighting kit to make your videos look great.

Find your best source of natural light.

Walk around your house and look at where light comes in. Where are the biggest windows? What about glass doors?

Find where the light coming in is the brightest. Because the lighting will change throughout the day, study the natural light in your house at the same time of day you plan to film. Make note of where shadows fall or how long that room stays bright.

Don’t film directly in front of a window.

Though the window or glass door will be your main source of light, do not treat it as a back light. In film terms, think of of your window as a key light or fill light.

Place your filming setup across from the window or to the side of it. If you film right in front of the window, it creates an unnatural halo effect.

You want the light to fall on you without being directly behind you.

Use white poster board as a bounce board.

If you need more light, then you can bounce it from your main source. In film, you would use a bounce board to reflect the light where you wanted it.

Instead of buying a bounce board, simply use a white poster board or foam board. Watch the tutorial below to learn how to use your DIY bounce board.

Block unnecessary light with blackout curtains.

If you like the light from one window but want to cover another, use blackout curtains. These will cut all of the unnecessary light quickly and easily.

You can also use blackout curtains to reduce background noise because they absorb sound.

Natural light can make your YouTube videos look amazing. Follow these tips to get started lighting your videos without expensive lighting equipment.

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