3 Tips from Successful Musicians – Pt. 2

Take it from the top. These musicians pursued their dreams and made it big. Here are three more tips on what it takes to elevate your music career:

1) Cashmere Cat – Open your ears and listen to all kinds of different music. Try to find out what makes the music appeal to their fans and practice incorporating the parts that you like the best. Don’t keep your style defined by your genre.

2) Madvillain – When someone uses your music for their stuff, reach out to them and create a collaboration. This way you connect with their fan base and turn their followers into fans of your own.

3) Lana Del Rey – Push to learn everything about music. There is always something new to learn about music. It would take you several lifetimes to get to learn it all. Ear training, technique, sound, analysis, harmony, arranging, composition, and much more.

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