Get More YouTube Views By Uploading These 3 Videos

Millions of people watch YouTube music videos. However, popular musicians release much more than just music videos. Behind the scenes footage is equally loved. If your channel is lacking a little variety, try uploading the following films.

The Recording Process: There’s a lot that goes into making a song. Writing lyrics and testing beats are all things you can film. Why not put it on Youtube? Fans want to see the inspiration behind the music. Give them a sneak peak by filming the process.

Live Performances: Fans shouldn’t be the only one’s uploading your live sets. Film an impromptu performance and show off your talent. People want more than clean studio songs. Try filming all types of renditions and make your uploads extra special.

Your Personality With a Q&A Video: Let your fans know a little more about you with a Q&A video. Talk about your hobbies, goals, and anything in-between. Connecting to your fans is impossible if they don’t have a clue who you are

Keep your fans interested by having a well-rounded YouTube channel.

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Kathy Nguyen is a digital artist, aspiring entertainment professional, and lover of live music. You can find her tweeting her playlists, youtube-ing documentaries, and getting lost in your neighborhood.

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