How Mental Floss Got Over 163 Million Views

Mental Floss’s content covers everything anyone ever needed to know about anything. Each video focuses on a specific topic and lists numerous random facts about it. With over 163 million views, Mental Floss teaches viewers more than facts on random topics, but also how to create a successful YouTube channel.

Here is how Mental Floss gained over 163 million views.

1. Embrace knowledge.

A video that teaches the viewer something will help it become more successful. If you have knowledge in a certain field, a skill, or a talent, take the opportunity to make a video that teaches your viewers. By embracing knowledge, Mental Floss makes it’s videos super shareable, so viewers spread it to others and the amount of views sky-rockerts.

2. Be specific.

Mental Floss videos are extremely specific, which attracts viewers. The randomness of content increases the curiosity of viewers. Try to make specific videos to adhere to all audiences and attract more viewers. Specificity is unique and necessary to increase demand for informative videos. As curiosity increases, so will the amount of views.

3. Create a “wow” factor.

Not only are the facts that Mental Floss provides specific, but they are also insanely interesting. The information that the channel relays are things that the average person doesn’t know. By creating a “wow” factor, viewers are more likely to subscribe and come back to watch more videos.

4. Stick to what works. 

Each of Mental Floss’s videos follows the same format. By sticking to this format, viewers can recognize which videos are from Mental Floss and immediately know that it is high-quality and informative.

If you can identify elements that viewers love in your videos, be sure to stick to them in new videos.

Mental Floss is a highly successful channel that spits out random facts about uncommon topics. The uniqueness of this channel teaches YouTubers how to be unconventionally successful.

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