Meet GEoRGiA, London’s Up-And-Coming Pop Artist

Georgia has been getting lots of attention ever since the release of her most recent EP “Welcome to Georgia”. And while her music deserves attention, her climb to the top of of London’s music scene is even more interesting. A former semi-professional soccer player, Georgia attended University of London’s SOAS school and studied musicology. Fascinated by hip hop beats and electronic sound from a young age, Georgia has been making music her whole life; at the age of 11 Georgia named her pet hamster Missy Elliott. Constantly toying with different beats and sounds, she’s been influenced by artists from Kanye West to Fever Ray. In an interview with Vice’s Noisey she said she’d “always written [her] own songs as a young girl and been interested in production in particular, but drumming was just something [she] could always do”.

So how did a talented, music-obsessed teenager rise in the musical ranks? While studying at University, Georgia met British producer Kwes through a friend and she started playing drums for him. By the time she graduated, she’d met and played with a good number of different musicians in London’s scene. Through these relationships she was able to expand her reach and influence in the music scene and, eventually, moved into producing her own music. Of course, another crucial aspect of her success is her hard work and determination. Success as a semi-pro soccer player requires grit and commitment, and it looks like she’s applied the same attitude to her music career. She told Noisey that she will sit at a computer for days, “working on one sound” because “that could be the changing nature of the whole song”. Being a perfectionist certainly didn’t hurt her case. Georgia released her first EP called “Come In” in 2014. The record has been described as “all over the place in the best way possible” and, “one of the boldest pop debuts of the year”. With only four tracks, it packs a real punch. Just the right amount of grime, angst, and fun make the EP a paradox: new vibes based in London’s signature pop sound. This June, she released her second EP entitled “Welcome to Georgia” which has been even more successful. Both EPs feature my personal favorite track, “Digits”. “Digits” is fun to listen to with a super catchy opening downbeat. Layering on complexity as the track progresses, things only get better after the first 20 seconds of infectious percussion. Georgia’s vocals are light and smooth to contrast the bass that forms the song’s foundation.

Georgia is an ideal example of how important community is in the music industry. Talent and hard work are essential but the relationships you form with other artists can be just as important. Meeting one artist led to meeting another, and another. This relationship along with her openness to collaboration changed the course of her career. Give her stuff a listen, you won’t regret it!

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