Martin Garrix’ 3 Tips for Success

Martin Garrix is one of the biggest names in EDM and he’s only 18. Here are 3 lessons to glean from this young music success:

1) Don’t stop practicing. Martin Garrix started playing with music editing software when he was 7. Last year he showed his mastery by creating a hit track live in front of an audience. He says “I’m still messing around, but the more you work in the program the more you learn from every song and even your mistakes.”

2) Use creative marketing tactics. During his first hit song Animals, he released it anonymously. It was an instant hit and the music community was buzzing on who this mystery producer was. When his identity was finally released, he instantly gained a huge following. He was only 16 at this time.

3) Communicate to make things work. Even as a big name in the scene, playing at gigs and making money, he still wanted to finish school. He contacted his school administration and worked out a schedule to fit in his tours. He still found time to do homework, and certain weeks he had to be in school to take tests. He graduated from high school early this year.

Martin Garrix shows us that hard work, clever marketing, and communication are key to making it big. It’s clear that he wasn’t some 16 year old kid who got lucky, he had the drive, passion, and talent to make his music career possible.

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