How Lana Del Rey Found Her Place in the Music Industry

Since the release of her single, “Video Games ” in 2011, Lana Del Rey has become a music industry sensation. She is the most streamed female musician on Spotify in the United States, has released four successful albums, and has even been featured on the soundtracks of blockbuster films like The Great Gatsby and Big Eyes.

Lana Del Rey has created incredible success for herself in unique ways and here are a few ways that budding musicians can do the same:

1. Create a persona.

Lana Del Rey has become known for the odd, elusive persona she has created. Some speculate that the creation of the persona greatly influenced her songwriting her performance style.

Creating a new persona as a musician can actually help inspire you. Don’t be afraid to let that happen.

2. Be dramatic.

One of Lana Del Rey’s most famous music videos is for the song, “Ride,” which includes long, poetic monologues, poignant visuals, and slightly disturbing themes. Lana Del Rey has always used dramatic visuals and storylines to accompany her music and the effect is memorable and unique.

When creating music, be dramatic; if the drama matches your music, it can greatly enhance it.

3. Draw inspiration from other artists.

Lana is known for referencing other artists in her songs; and not only musicians. Her song, “Body Electric,” is a reference to a Walt Whitman poem. She alludes to Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, talks about, “living like Jim Morrison,” and has cited Pablo Picasso and film director David Lynch, among many more, as influencers as well. Lana is consistently inspired by other musicians, poets, and actors, and lets said inspiration influence her music.

Being inspired by the art of others does not make you unoriginal; let yourself be inspired and use that to create something new.

Lana Del Rey uses her persona, the artists who inspire her, and drama to make her music unique and memorable.

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Jana DeGuzman is a Communication Studies major and French Studies minor at the University of San Francisco. She loves Mac DeMarco, Beyonce, and the ocean.

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