If Your Average View Count Is Going Down, You Need To Read This

After an initial period of high views, a lot of longtime creators find themselves watching their average view counts go down. If your subscriber count is disproportionately higher than your viewer count on a typical video is, then you’re probably wondering how to get the majority of your subscribers interested in your content again.

Here are a few strategies to help you bring your view counts back up.

Compare your most popular videos to your most recent uploads.

On your channel’s “Videos” tab, sort your uploads by “Most Popular.” Rewatch the highest ranking videos, making note of any similarities. You might also read the comments to get more insight on what viewers liked so much about them.

Then, with the notes you made in mind, rewatch your most recent uploads. What’s changed about your channel between your most popular videos and your most recent ones? What could you bring back, recreate, or alter about your current content to better align with the kind of videos you used to make?

Additionally, consider the amount of time that’s passed since your most popular videos were uploaded. Factor in how changing trends and audience expectations could have altered your subscribers’ interest in your content. For example, if most of your audience started watching you when they were kids, then your content may not have grown with them. Think about how you can capture the essence of your most popular videos in a way that appeals to your current viewer demographic.

Consider how your upload schedule is affecting the quality of your videos.

Next, consider your upload schedule. The frequency of your uploads could be impacting their quality. How does your current upload schedule compare to the one you kept during your channel’s heyday? Adding more weekly videos to your upload schedule might have resulted in content that feels rushed to views.

Uploading too frequently can also make viewers lose interest in your channel. If they see a new video from you every time they open YouTube, then they might get bored. However, if they have to wait a week between videos, then each upload will feel fresh and exciting.

Take your schedule outside of your main YouTube channel into account as well. If you run other channels, their upload schedules could be affecting the time you have for your main channel. The time you spend on other projects could also cut into the time you set aside to film videos. The less time you allot to creating a video, the lower in quality the final product will be. As the saying goes, you should value quality over quantity.

On the other hand, uploads that are infrequent or irregular could also be hurting your channel. If your upload schedule could best be described as “whenever I feel like making a video,” then you need to reassess. Establishing an upload schedule can help you build a steady, dependable viewership.

Assess the current video trends and how you might adapt.

Your videos could also be declining in views because viewers feel as if your channel is stuck in the past. Video trends are changing all the time. No popular YouTuber is still doing the cinnamon challenge or the Harlem Shake. The most successful creators are the ones who have continued to evolve their content over time.

So, you should assess the current video trends. Check out the trending page a few times a day over the next week or so. Make note of recurring themes, video ideas, or content styles you see. Pick a few of the creators you see dominating the trending page and watch several of their most recent videos.

Next, find out what creators with similar interests to you are doing differently. Watch the latest uploads from the most popular creators within your content niche. Read their video comments so you can discover exactly what their audiences find so appealing.

Finally, consider how you might adapt your content to align with the current video trends. It might be as simple as changing the way you title your videos or how you edit them. If you want to experiment with a new video idea, however, then you might want to give your viewers a heads up that you’ll be trying something different. Not only will that make them feel like their opinion still matters, but it will also pique the interest of viewers who’ve missed a few of your recent videos.

If your average view count is going down, then you need to consider both what has changed about your content and how you can adapt to current trends. Keep your viewers in the loop, and experiment to find a content style all of your subscribers can enjoy.

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