How Zedd Became A Major DJ

Most of the world knows Anton Zaslavski as Zedd. This German musician and producer has become one of the biggest DJs on the planet. He’s collaborated with many major stars and charted innumerable times.

Here’s how Zedd became a major DJ.

1. He draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of genres.

Most of Zedd’s music is primarily electro house, but he draws inspiration from all different genres. His sound is influenced by dubstep, progressive house, and even classical music.

Zedd first captivated the world with “Clarity.”

2. He collaborates with both prominent and up-and-coming artists.

Before her smash hit “Starving,” Hailee Steinfeld was still another actress trying to break into the music scene. However, with Zedd’s production skills and Hailee’s killer vocals, the two created a song that still dominates the radio.

Check it out below.

3. He’s constantly releasing new work.

Zedd’s latest hit has only been out for about a month, but it’s already making waves in the music world. He teamed up with Alessia Cara to grace the world with “Stay.”

Watch the music video here.

It didn’t take Zedd very long to become an irreplaceable member of the music community. By constantly collaborating and putting out new material frequently, Zedd stays at the top of the charts.

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