The Ultimate Guide To Earning Money Through YouTube Monetization

Ads are the best way to make money off of your YouTube channel. Making your channel brand-friendly is necessary to unlocking a steady stream of revenue from ads alone. When your content attracts a lot of visitors, then you’ll grab the attention of advertisers as well.

The name of the game is YouTube monetization.

It works for the mutual benefit of viewers, creators, and advertisers alike.

Viewers use YouTube to learn and to be entertained. Their views are what brings advertisers to your channel.

Creators use YouTube to produce content and to make money doing what they love. As a creator, you want to attract both viewers and advertisers.

Advertisers use YouTube to target their products and services to a wide platform. They advertise on channels whose viewer demographics match their own. 

YouTube also receives a percentage of the advertising revenue.

What is the best way to set up your channel and videos for monetization?

How to monetize your channel:

  • Visit the monetization tab in your account’s settings.
  • Click Enable My Account
  • Follow the instructions to accept the monetization agreement.

Note: There may be a different message if your account is not eligible for monetization. Read why monetization might have been disabled and what you can do about it

How to monetize your video:

What ad formats are avaliable?

YouTube offers several different ad formats for your channel. You can enable a few or all of them to maximize your ad revenue.

These are the different ad formats and how you make money from them:

1. Display ads

display ads for montisation

Display ads appear only on desktops and laptops. On mobile devices, these ads aren’t monetizable. Display ads are shown next to the video and belong to a lower paying ad format. You get paid every time a viewer sees the ad or clicks on it, whichever is decided by the advertiser.

2. Overlay ads

Overlay ads for monetisation

Overlay ads are those banners that lay across the bottom 20 percent of a video. Like display ads, overlay ads only appear on desktops and laptops, and viewers can dismiss these ads at any point. Creators make money every time a viewer clicks on the ad and views it in full.

3. TrueView in-stream skippable video ads

These afull screen ads can be inserted before, during, or after the video. The ad plays for 5 seconds before viewers can choose to skip and watch the actual video. True-View skippable ads monetize views on desktops and laptops as well as mobile devices. Creators make money when viewers watch 30 seconds or the entire ad.

4. Non-skippable video ads

5. Midroll ads

Midroll ads are like TV commercials. They’re only placed in videos that are longer than 15 minutes. The short ads are inserted within a video to provide viewers with a “commercial break.” Creators make money based on what type of midroll ad is placed. If the ad is a TrueView ad, then users must watch the first 30 seconds or the entire ad. 

Note: You have the control over what ad formats you want to use for your channel. You can even prevent specific advertisers from advertising on your channel. However, you do not have control over when an ad will display in your video.

How are ads placed in your video?

YouTube controls what ads are placed in what videos videos. Ads are matched to each advetiser’s targeted audience demographics. Google accumulates data from your channel in order to pitch your videos to advertisers. YouTube also rates the brand-friendliness of your video to attract more advertisers to your channel. 

Here are four ways to make your channel more brand-friendly!

1. Build a large audience

Advertisers prefer channels with a large and diverse audience. Thisenables them to place their products in front of the maximun number of potential customers. Focus on growing a large and engaged audience base to attract more advertisers to your channel.

2. Keep it clean

Advertisers will refrain from associating with channels whose content is inappropriate or controversial. Content such as explicit language and sexual or violent images can make advertisers skeptical. Try to create content that is suitable for family viewing so that you can appeal to any advertiser. 

3. Enable your videos for appropriate ad formats

Enabling your channel for all possible ad formats will attract more advertisers. If some ad formats are hampering your audience’s viewing experience, then consider revising your strategy. Pick formats that give your viewers the best experience. If the ads get in the way of their video watching, then they won’t stick around for very long.

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