How To Make Your Videos More Shareable

Videos go viral because of sharing. Make your video content more shareable to grow your audience on YouTube. Follow the below strategies to come up with shareable video ideas from the start:

1. Create content on trending topics

Create videos around topical content that emerge in the news and pop culture. Often times, trending topics generate a substantial debate on the Internet. Create an engaging video to add to the existing conversation. Upload your video at a time when the topic is still of broad interest. This way, your video adds to the discussion. Viewers can use your video to make a point or disagree with an argument. For example, the creator of Annoying Orange made an ice bucket challenge video, when the trend was at its peak. The video received over four million views and was shared across several online platforms.

2. Create videos that solve problems

Viewers value videos that help them overcome a problem or complete a task. For instance, instructional videos, tutorials and “how-to” videos generate significant engagement on YouTube. According to data released by Google, more than 100 million hours of how-to videos are viewed by North American users alone. Thus, scour the Internet to identify some of the common problems faced by your audience. Create a video that provides actionable solutions to these problems. People are more likely to share vides that offer an effective solution with their friends and families. Take a look at the below video example. Losing keys to a check-lock is a common problem. MrGear shows a useful hack to overcome the problem.

3. Create videos that bring out emotions

Emotions drive actions. Experts agree that using emotive content can trigger high-power feelings. These feelings, in turn, mobilize viewers to undertake a specific action. Additionally, videos that elicit an emotional response in the first few seconds can retain viewers till the end. People often share videos that move them emotionally. An emotional response such as laughter, tears, fear, anger or fascination can compel viewers to share your videos. Therefore, consider infusing your videos with emotions to watch your shares spiral up. PewDiePie’s videos are good examples of emotionally charged content. His gaming walk-through videos evoke laughter and amusement. Take a look at the below video, for example.

4. Create relatable content

Viewers are often excited to share content that they can relate to on a personal level. Creating content that helps viewers to establish an association, connection, or relation, can increase the number of shares. This is because viewers like to communicate how they feel with the help of a video. Lilly Singh’s channel, Superwoman, has over 8 million subscribers and a dedicated fan-base across the world. People love her videos because they can relate to most things she talks about. She incorporates comedy and humor while pushing a lot of realism in her videos. For instance, anyone who uses the snooze button or has tried to sing Busta Rhymes’ verses can relate to this video. 

Shareable videos have many benefits. They expose your channel to new viewers and grow your YouTube audience. Follow the above strategies to create video content that audience love to share…

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