How Wolfgang Steinwidder Became An Up-And-Coming Composer

Born in 1973, Wolfgang Stienwidder has spent years mastering the craft of music composition. Now, Wolfgang is sharing his talents with the world by growing his very own official YouTube channel under the name composing4you.

Here’s how Wolfgang Steinwidder became an up-and-coming composer.

1. He mastered several instruments at a conservatory.

Wolfgang picked up a lot of skills during his time in a music conservatory. He learned to play piano, organ, and guitar. He’s a singer as well.

Now, he uses his skills to compose and record songs like this one.

2. He became a jack of all trades.

After his time in the conservatory, Wolfgang played with several different bands. He even played the church organ on occasion. Now, he works as a composer and producer as well as an artist.

Wolfgang writes all of his own songs and records all the necessary vocals himself.

3. He followed his heart and chased his dreams.

Though Wolfgang is a connoisseur of composition and classical music, his heart has always belonged to pop music. So, he decided to follow his passion for pop by creating the music he’s always dreamed of writing.

Wolfgang is making his own dreams of becoming a pop musician come true.

Wolfgang Steinwidder got his start as a composer by following his heart. Now, he’s writing and recording his very own pop songs.

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