How Violet Benson Became an Internet Sensation

Better known as @Daddyissues_, Violet Benson is one of the most loved people on the Internet. After her fame grew from creating memes, she has been expanding her brand to every social media site and successfully promoting her name.

Here are a few tips on becoming as popular as Violet Benson.

1. Talk about real-life topics.

Right off the bat, Benson exposed one the most personal things about herself, which is her “daddy issues.” The common theme of her content is discussing personal problems that an average person would hesitate to admit, especially to millions of followers. However, this has made her extremely relatable.

Speak to the camera like you would speak to your best friend. Viewers will feel like they can relate and will come back for more.

2. Promote self-confidence.

Along with her openness about bodily functions and other private topics, Benson encourages her viewers to love themselves the way they are. Even while hanging out with a posse of models, Benson will joke about how different she is. Again, she is relatable to her audience even though she is wildly successful.

3. Create merchandise that adheres to your audience.

After establishing a following, invest in merchandise to broaden your market. One of the easiest products to create for a personal brand is apparel. However, Benson thought outside of the box and created her own “Fun Wine.” This is a genius idea because she offers her fans something that is specifically related to her brand while stepping into an entirely new industry with potential for success.

@Daddyissues_ is one of the most successful meme accounts out there. Violet Benson has stretched its fame into a full-time business for herself.

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