How Travis Scott Got Famous

Travis Scott is a famous musician with 17.8 million YouTube subscribers and 267 million lifetime views.

Here are 3 lessons from his success.

1. Depend on yourself

All creators have big dreams. Most of the time your friends and family will not believe in you. For example, Travis Scott was financially cut off and kicked out of his house when he quit college to pursue his music. Thus, don’t expect family and friends to support you. Depend on yourself.

Photo by Frank Schwichtenberg

2. Take action

Travis Scott was even sending out cold emails in 2012 to reach the right people in the industry. He sent an email to Anthony Kilhoffer who was so impressed with him that he signed him on as a producer for Kanye West’s label, G.O.O.D. Music. Travis was doing everything possible to make it. We all have a lot of things that we can do to make more progress. Thus, try some crazy initiatives to reach the right people. Do more and be aggressive in achieving your goals.

Photo by TheComeUpShow

3. Create amazing content

The most important part is to make amazing content. If you get heard or discovered by just ONE right person it can be life-changing. The famous rapper T.I. heard the song ‘Love Sick’ by Travis Scott in 2013 and liked it a lot. Then T.I. set up a meeting with Travis and signed him on to Grand Hustle Records.

T.I. recognized talent and it only takes ONE great piece of content to totally transform your career. Thus, do everything possible to make amazing videos.

Photo by Frank Schwichtenberg

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