How To Win Awards Like Drake

Drake just took home four awards at the American Music Awards. His name and brand have become synonymous with popular music over the past five years. Musicians are looking to be like Drake, not only in their sound, but in their approach to the music industry. Drake has built his empire by making wise choices regarding his target audience, as well as who he works with.

Find out how musicians can make an impact and take home awards like Drake does.

1. Be versatile.

Drake’s strongest attribute is his ability to appeal to a variety of listeners. The most obvious point of versatility is his aptitude in both singing and rapping. Drake raps about taking the advice to sing and rap from his dad on “4PM in Calabasas.”

Drake proves that he can drop bars while also creating mainstream hits. See the difference between most tracks on If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and his hit single “Hotline Bling”.

It is key to be an artist who knows more than one trade. Bring a variety of influences and styles and create a fresh sound.

2. Have excellent branding.

Drake has an impeccable way of endearing himself to different corporations. He has marketed a lifestyle attached to his music and presented it as a product. The rapper has teamed up with Apple Music and has his own station, OVO Sound. OVO has also branched out into making clothing, which is endorsed by Nike.

If an artist can make great music and present an identity that crowds fall in love with then he or she has it made. Spend time in the studio, but pay attention to other characteristics that fans may be drawn to.

3. Keep a small circle.

Despite his many features, Drake keeps a tight knit crew when it comes to production. Producers Noah “40” Shebib and Boi1da provide a familiarity and comfortability for Drake when he’s creating in the studio. They work together as a team and don’t let others interfere.

This is a big reason why Drake has been able to progress as an artist. Keep people around who have the same goals and are working toward the best final product possible.

Drake makes an impact on music and takes home awards because he has consistently followed a formula for greatness. Artists should know that branding needs to be coupled with talent in order to succeed. The music industry is extremely competitive and it is vital to have the best team. When a great team surrounds a musician everyone grows together. Be a master of diverse styles. Leave with a great body of work and the trophies will follow.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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