How To Utilize Your Video Descriptions For SEO

Search Engine Optimization is what allows your video to be found in Google and YouTube search results. In order to boost your videos higher in the search results, you need to concentrate on improving each video’s SEO.

Your video description is primed and ready for SEO. It’s the perfect place for keywords and social media links to hide. Here’s how to utilize your video description for SEO.

1. Start with a general but witty description of what the video is about.

There are a lot of slime videos on YouTube. However, when AmazingPhil made his, he specified in both his video title and description that he was making fluffy, glow-in-the-dark slime. He also made it funny, which prompted viewers to open up the description to see more.

Phil’s video description read, “I listen to the voice in my head, become a slime channel and make some fluffy glow in the dark glitter slime (and destroy my bedroom in the process).”

2. End with a keyword-rich description of your channel.

Twin vloggers Niki and Gabi recently revamped their channel. One of the smartest decisions they made was to end every video description with this: “We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our funny pranks video! We’re twin sisters who are totally different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make funny videos, prank videos, lifestyle videos, beauty and fashion videos, parody videos & MORE!”

The description of their content is short, but keywords such as “fashion,” “twin,” and “lifestyle” helped more viewers find their channel when searching for other videos.

3. Include your social media links.

Collins Key has millions of followers across all of his social media platforms. One of the reasons he’s so popular across the internet is that he links viewers to his social media in the descriptions of his videos.

Collins also encourages his viewers to interact with him on social media in order to get a DM, like, or follow.

In order to increase your channel’s SEO, you should be utilizing your video descriptions. Use keywords and include your social media links so that more viewers can find your videos.

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