How This Video Got Almost 700,000 Views In 2 Days

Beauty guru James Charles has collaborated with everyone from longtime YouTube star Joey Graceffa to explosively popular vlogger Tana Mongeau. His latest collaboration with YouTube duo Elijah and Christine got almost 700,000 views in two days.

Here’s how their video got so many views in so little time.

1. The collaborators came from opposite ends of YouTube.

Most of James’s content is based in the beauty world. He does makeup tutorials, product tests, and makeovers. Elijah and Christine, however, vlog their weird and wonderful everyday lives. Their style is polar opposite from James’s.

2. It follows the format of another popular collab James did.

When James let Tana Mongeau do his makeup on her channel, the video got more than a million views pretty quickly. Viewers loved it because of the friction between James, who is a makeup expert, and Tana, who is not.

Elijah and Christine’s knowledge of makeup is closer to Tana’s than it is to James’s, so he knew that this was a collaboration that his viewers would love.

3. Funny videos get trending more quickly.

YouTube’s trending page is often dominated by pranks, comedy sketches, and other funny videos. Creating a video that was more about making each other laugh than it was about making each other look good was ideal for this collaboration.

James Charles’s collaboration with Elijah and Christine got trending because they focused more on being funny than they did on creating an actual beauty tutorial. Loosening up your content with a silly collaboration can boost your views as well.

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