How To Use YouTube’s New Captions Editor

YouTube Studio recently rolled out a new tool for editing your videos’ captions. Not only do captions make your videos more accessible, but they’re also great for SEO. Basically, adding captions can increase the success of your video’s performance.

Here’s how to use YouTube Studio’s new captions editor.

Automatic captions are added to all of your eligible videos.

YouTube uses speech recognition technology to automatically add captions to your videos. The feature isn’t limited to videos in English. Auto captions are automatically enabled on videos in any of the following languages as well: Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Russian, Portugeuse, Dutch, German, and French.

If you don’t see these captions upon uploading, don’t stress. Depending on the length of your video, the auto captions may take a bit of time to process. Once your captions are available, you may notice that they aren’t transcribed a hundred percent correctly. This is due to machine learning and the fact that the feature is still being perfected.

Review your captions for mistakes.

To review your auto captions, select “Subtitles” from the left-hand menu in your YouTube Studio. Then, select the video you want and select “More” under “Subtitles.” Then, you’ll be able to access all the captions and subtitles that have been automatically applied to your videos.

Alternatively, you can review your captions by watching the upload with the captions turned on. Then, you can make note of any discrepancies. You should also check your comments to see if viewers have pointed out any errors in your captions.

The new captions editor makes this process much easier.

With the new captions editor, you’ll be able to edit your captions in a pop-up window instead of having to open a separate tab. Additionally, your captions will automatically sync with your video in real time, which will make them faster. You can also see the timing of your captions next to the audio string, which enables you to fine-tune.

This captions editor isn’t just for auto captions, though. If you upload your own captions, then you’ll also be able to edit them here. So, if your videos are in a language that auto captions don’t cover, then you can create and upload your own captions and place them with the captions editor.

The new captions editor makes it easier for you to make your videos more accessible. Use the captions editor to give all of your viewers the best viewing experience possible.

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