How To Use The Community Tab to Connect With Your Fans

The Community tab was launched in 2016 to only a handful of creators as a test run. In November of 2017, the Community tab was open to those with more than 10,000 subscribers. The Community tab is available on both desktop and mobile app, but subscribers will only be able to view a channel’s activity through the mobile app, under Subscriptions. Nevertheless, the Community tab offers great ways to connect with your fans.

Here are three ways to use the Community tab to connect with your fans.

1. Create polls about the topic of your next video.

This is a great way to get fans involved with the planning process! It makes them feel like they are included, and they will be thrilled to communicate with you directly. It also helps you in knowing what your fans want to see without having to sift through mountains of comments.

The polls don’t always have to be about topics for future videos. Get creative and ask fans different questions. Maybe ask them what they enjoyed about the previous video, or ask a question that connects with the topic of a previous or future video. This also builds suspense and excitement for future videos.

This video by Video Creators gives some great tips about posting polls and other things on the Community tab.

2. Posts GIFs and photos to increase excitement.

Posting GIFs and photos on the Community tab is also possible. Doing so will engage your audience by giving them little insights into your life behind the scenes and by increasing excitement for a new video by posting a preview. Offer fans a chance to see some personal moments as well, such as pictures of your pets or a fun moment from your day.

However, make sure to limit the number of posts to one a day, or even one a week. Your subscribers will have other YouTubers that they follow, and they don’t want their phone and feed clogged up with notifications. Keep it simple.

This video by vidIQ gives you more tips on how to use the Community tab.

3. Recognize your fans.

This tip should be used sparingly. It’s very easy to accidentally cause jealousy between fans, but the Community tab has an amazing feature that allows you to view a list of your “biggest fans,” so to speak. This is a list of those who watch your videos the most and gives a level of how engaged they are. You can sort the list by engagement or subscribers, and there is an option to connect with them on Google+.

A great way to recognize your fans is to perhaps like or love a comment they made on one of your posts in the Community tab, and respond back. You can give shoutouts to fans through posts as well.

This video by Ray The Video Guy shows how to navigate the fans feature of the Community tab.

Using the Community tab to connect with your fans is a great way to expand the reach of your channel. It keeps your subscribers feeling connected to you as well as keeping them excited for your next videos. It is not a social media outlet, which adds a certain charm to it as well. It’s a little exclusive at the moment, but it gives you a good goal to work towards!

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