How To Turn Views Into Merch Sales

Many YouTubers earn a significant portion of their income through merch sales. You can design and sell practically anything online, from basic hats and t-shirts to channel-specific pots and pans like Rosanna Pansino or a prestigious makeup brand like Jeffree Star.

While it’s easy to hock your products on social media, advertising your wares in your videos can be even more effective. Here’s how to turn views into merch sales.

Wear your own merch in your videos.

Fans and followers look up to their favorites influencers for many reasons, including product recommendations. Your audience is accustomed to coming to you for suggestions on what worth’s their money, so you can show them in your videos that your merch is a smart purchase.

Simply put, wear your own merch in your videos. Style it in different ways to show them how it can be worn in real life. Once they see how stylish you look, your viewers will be excited to order their own.

Though you should wear your own merch casually in your videos in as many videos as you want, you should also create an announcement video before the merch comes out. Show your viewers what it looks like before they order it, and share the story behind your design.

For example, Vine-star-turned-vlogger Jessi Smiles recently unveiled her first original lipstick on her beauty side channel. She showed off the product and packaging as well as telling viewers all about the formula.

Wear your own merch when you do collab videos on different channels.

Whenever you film a video for someone else’s channel, come dressed in your own merch. The, when you film, you can shout-out your merch store for your collab partner’s audience. Your own viewers will love the nod to your channel as well.

Ask your collab partner to include the link to your merch store in the video description as well as your social media links. Then, return the favor by shouting out their products or outside projects in the video filmed for your channel.

In one of his many collaborations with Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson wore a t-shirt from the merch lines he sells through Amazon.

Advertise new merch and sales in your end screen.

Your video end screen is prime real estate for promotion. You can draw viewers to previous videos, playlists, or even your side channel. However, you shouldn’t forget to include your online shop.

You can also place a larger ad for your merch right before your end screen. Create an eye-catching design with the link placed properly. Include in your video for a few seconds before the end screen.

Whenever the Try Guys release new merch, they include this kind of advertisement in several videos. For example, in the video below, they promoted their book, which inspired them to create this video in the first place.

Utilize the Merch Shelf feature.

YouTube enables creators who meet certain guidelines to sell merch directly from their video pages. In order to be eligible for the Merch Shelf feature, you must have more than ten thousand subscribers, be a part of the YouTube Partner Program, and have no Community Guidelines strikes.

Once you’re eligible, the Merch Shelf feature is easy to set up. Follow the tutorial below.

Watching your view count rise is exciting, but the more views you can turn into sales, the more successful you’ll be. Wear your own merch in videos, and utilize the Merch Shelf feature.

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